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himaori [userpic]

Takizawa Kabuki in Singapore Report - 2015.08.18

August 19th, 2015 (01:02 pm)

It took me more than 5 hours before I could go see my boys. Coz my place in Singapore is far from Maria Bay Sands, so I started going at 2.30pm though the show started on 7.30pm. As I arrived at Marina Bay Sands at 3.35pm and walked through all the way from MRT to the Master Theatre where the show is performed. It’s a long way. My legs kept hurting due to my high shoes. Well, I wanted to look good for the first time I went to see my boys. Then a Japanese man who assisted the audiences in ticket collection said that we had to wait until 4.30pm to collect the ticket. So I stood there to wait until they opened. The process of ticket collection was very fast and easy (you guys must print out the Email Confirmation to retrieve the ticket).


When the fans were lining up to go inside, there were a few men in suits going inside the theatre, I bet they were from JE (maybe belong to boards of directors in JE). Then they opened the door for the fans and checked our bags. When I went inside, a girl instructed me to go upstairs at door 22 for my seat (it’s on 3rd floor). I saw fans lining up for butai goods and tried to queue up as well but the line was just toooooo long that I had to give up halfway coz it was nearly 7.30pm already. But due to the fans’ long line that the show started late at 7.45pm.

On the other hand, there were other non-Johnny’s fans coming to see the show. I saw some Westerners (male) there.

When the curtain lifted up and Goto stepped out with his violin, he played the violin for a while then female Singaporean dancers came out to dance (it was similar to Takizawa Kabuki 2014 as there was a big book on stage and one of the dancers came and held the book). After that, the white curtains decorated on stage lifted up and Tackey walked out, the audiences clapped a lot. Then he flew. I was just OMG~~~ coz watching him fly on DVD and in person is just totally different. It’s wonderful.

Then the Jrs came out and danced as usual. I saw Snow Man and spotted Gan-chan right away. For Snow Man’s fans and Gan-chan’s fans, he is white and tall and his legs are just so long, his body is in good shape. He’s just so perfect. But the whitest should be Fukka. Lol~~~

Kita and Kawaii also came out and danced. It was similar to Takizawa Kabuki 2014 of the opening. Tackey flew around and sang, and he went to the 2nd floor on the right side to fly again. After the song finished, 2 Singaporean girls came out to introduce about Japan’s 4 seasons.

Next is Nezumi. Tackey jumped down near the audiences’s area, same as Takizawa Kabuki 2014 but it took him a while to unclock the security wire. Then he started jumping here and there and the Jrs came out to chase him. I find it funny coz the only line in this segment was from the Jrs “Nezumi, don’t move”. Lol~~~

Then they had a a high platform which Snow Man’s members stood there. Tackey went up and stood on a wood board, 4 of Snow Man lifted that board up with Tackey standing on it, the other 2 put 2 boards to help the wood board stand. Every Snow Man jumped down except Miya-chan who still held the board to keep it balance. Then he let it go and Tackey made it a perfect balance to made the board back to its original place. Wonderful. Then, again, Tackey stood up on high platform and just threw himself down to where there was a mattress. But it still made my heart skip a beat.

And we got the gold money from Nezumi same as Takizawa Kabuki 2014. Though we knew it was made by paper but it still looked pretty when you lifted up your head and saw all the gold paper falling down. Of course I had to keep some for commemoration.


Next is they perfomed Mask segment, where the Jrs acted as zoombies with masks on their faces, they danced like what we saw in Takizawa Kabuki 2014. I spotted Gan-chan right away even he got masked coz the way he danced, his style, I’m just too familiar with already. Lol~~~

Then Tackey, Kita and Kawaii came out to dance with their masks, Kita in red costumes, and Kawaii in purple costumes, their member color in their respective groups. After that, Tackey came out with Kita on his roller skating shoes. They sang in English together but all I could hear is “Believe in yourself, believe dream is true”. That’s all. Ha ha ha....

Then is the drum segment. It’s same as Takizawa Kabuki 2014 but when Tackey with his drum was upside down, the audiences “Oh” a lot. It was hard to do it though as Johnny’s fans, we are too similar to this act but for non-fans they find it amazing.  After this segment ended, Sakuma alone without his top used a light sword (like Star War sword) danced, and Japanese fans on my left hand kept saying “kakkoi kakkoi”. Ha ha ha....

Then some Singaporean kids came out in kimono and umbrella to introduce themselves. There was a kid saying that his dream was to become President of Singapore, everyone laughed. Then, Snow Man came out in traditional clothes that we saw it in Taiga drama. They danced with paper fans and I was so touched.

Then, Tackey appeared on stage as he was doing make up for his Kabuki like he usually did in Takizawa Kabuki in Japan. Then an English narrator talked about Takizawa Kabuki’s history. Then, Kawaii and Kita came out. Kawaii sang a song which I think mostly in English but all I could hear is his “Tell my why”. Kita wore traditional clothes and wrote the word Hoshi (Star) on a big paper and signed as Kawai was singing.

After that, Tackey went inside with Kita and Kawaii, TheyBudou all in black suit came out and danced as behind them was a screen having black dragon flying here and there. Then 3 of Snow Man’s member (Miya-chan, NabeSho, and Abe-chan) all in white suit came out and danced. Two groups danced with each other and behind were black and white dragons. It was beautiful.

The Kabuki segment started. First of all, it was the story of a girl in red kimono  which Gan-chan and Miya-chan were holding a girl doll, MAD’s member Kouta and Iketan came out and told the story tales. Their English was funny and cute though all I could understand was their “she”, “first love”, “depressed”. But they tried their best and their accent was cute.

Tackey played the girl who climbed up to ring the bell to warn everyone there was a fire for her first love's sake. Something like that if I understood correctly. After that they performed another Kabuki story where the Jrs held the ladder up and Tackey, Kita and Kawaii climbed up on this. It was similar to Takizawa Kabuki 2014. Then Gan-chan out of nowhere appeared on the 2nd floor on the left side and threw the sword down to the stage and Miya-chan tried to catch it. When he succeeded in catching it, the audiences clapped hands.

Next is the story about the hunters played by Kawaii and TheyBudou and the Crane Tribe. Tackey played double roles as the Tribe leader and his lover. The hunter, I mean Kawaii shot an arrow to the lover and she died. The tribe leader got angry and wanted to revenge. The way he transformed from the tribe leader to his lover was done nicely, then he transfromed back to tribe leader role in an instant made the audiences amazed.

Oh, and there was a song all of them sang Rasa Sayang with Singaporean kids for Singapore 50th anniversary. Everyone was amused and clapped with the music. Tackey tried his best to speak English and I appreciated his effort coz his English was good and understandable.

Then the last scene, the battle in forest of Yoshitsune. Gan-chan as Benkei, Kawaii as Saburo and Kita as the main evil. The setting of this stage was less beautiful than the Japanese stage coz it couldn’t circle around. Gan-chan has impressed me a lot with his Benkei. He is good at butai acting, I hope JE should let him go with butai direction. Benkei was fighting with Saburo and he saw Saburo was stabbed in front of him. When the enemies surrounded him, he tried to commit suicide but the enemies still stabbed him in the end, he screamed loudly and shoved the enemies away. It was so good and he had his own aura. I’m proud of him and feel blessed as his fan.

Then Tackey fought against everyone alone. The rain and sound effect made the last scene so intense that my body got goosebumps. The scene ended as Tackey killed off the main evil aka Kita and kept fighting with the enemies.

The scene ended and the Jrs and dancers came out standing on the setting. Tackey introduced each member and each group. Then lastly, Snow Man walked out in front and Tackey called each member’s name. I tried my best to clap and scream for the boys’ sake. When Snow Man name got called, I screamed a lot and felt touched, nearly got teary eyes.

Then Tackey came out singing With Love with English lyrics on screen. It was the same as Takizawa Kabuki 2014, but Kita and Kawaii had their own lines in this song as well. Ah, I forgot to mention that they also had another song singing in Japanese but english lyrics appeared on screen. I didn’t know the title of this song. Tackey finally flew again to end the show.

Then we stood up and clapped, everyone bowed down to the audiences, and Tackey said thank you and promised to see next time.

In conclusion, the show is awesome and it’s worth my money and time. I’m happy to be able to witness it in person.


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